A Little History: is and always will be a non-profit making organisation made for Cookham by Cookham residents. was the brainchild of Julian Bell, he began developing the website in 1998 with the intention to build an online presence for Cookham Village and have some fun doing it! was officially launched on the 21st September 1999 at the Chartered Institute of Marketing in Cookham Village. In December 1999 was given a new look by local resident Simon Bysshe. is now run by a steadily growing team of volunteers made up of computer Whizz Kids and willing content providers.

Join the Team!
If you are interested in joining then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always looking for people to review events, create webpages or help promote If you would like to get involved please contact us.

Meet The Team!

THE  WEBMASTER comes from deepest cyber space. He wants to hear your ideas, fantasies and wishes for and will do his best to grant your requests. If you want to contact the Webmaster E-Mail him at

JULIAN BELL, Honorary Webmaster. Julian has moved back to Scotland where he is Head of Personnel at a large bottling plant.  He is now building a website for his village Dollar, where he is living with his wife Pauline his sons Harris, Rory and daughter Cara.

LIZ KWANTES, Head of Content. Liz works with everyone; creating content, writing up events, building mini-sites and ensuring information is always up-to-date on
Contact Liz:
Telephone: 01628 525130

PAM KNIGHT Pam is Cookham's local historian and deals with the many queries we get from visitors to the website looking for their roots or asking questions about ancestors and places that may or may not exist any more.  Pam says that she learns more about Cookham herself because of the questions. Even a ghost was discovered recently. 

LYNDA MALLETT (Deputy Webmaster) Lynda has the most incredible enthusiasm and encourages all the new businesses in the Cookham community to have a presence on  Lynda is a fantastic asset to our community website.

GREG HOLMES is a whizz kid on computers and helps with the programming, when he has a minute and is not off travelling with his company. 


MICK VOGEL offers some beautiful photos for He is particular interested in bird photography, but takes many other photos of Cookham and the surrounding area. 

You can see some of Mick's 

photos if you like click here.


MIKE MATHER, Mike is instrumental in organising the hosting and domain registration for and has continued to sponsor the name for us, for which we are eternally grateful

Contact Mike:  

JEREMY WILSON, Jeremy takes lots of photos for us and has done since 2000. Jeremy is now a full time professional photographer and so we are very lucky to be able to use his works of art.< PETA BEE  Peta has degrees in sports science as well as being a qualified running coach and has written sports articles for the Times. Peta is very active in the Cookham Running Club. 
SARAH PARFITT  journalist, radio producer, media consultant and trainer, is responsible for writing a large amount of the news on
Mob: 07900 411715

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