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Flood Alleviation Scheme

(29th November 2000)

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A meeting was held at Cookham Rise School on Wednesday 29th November 2000, called by the Parish Council, at which the Maidenhead, Windsor and Eton Flood Alleviation Scheme was presented by the Environment Agency.  The meeting had an excellence attendance and heard the thoughts of the Environment Agency concerning the construction of a wall around the Thames' western borders of Cookham and around the eastern borders of Maidenhead.


Mr R Powling, Project Manager for the Agency, described the work now in progress on the flood relief channel and its projected effect on river levels, an anticipated reduction of water height above Boulters Lock of 1' 6" reducing to 1" by Cookham Bridge.


Mr G Croucher, for the Environment Agency, described the projected (flood relief) walls around Cookham. The height of the wall around the eastern end of the Moor has yet to be confirmed.


It was anticipated by the Environment Agency that the Maidenhead wall could protect Maidenhead, but increase flooding in Cookham.


The wall around Cookham would not protect the flooding levels of 1947, but should floods of that nature occur again it would be necessary to install pumps within the walls to reduce levels.


At the end of the meeting a vote was requested for and against the scheme. Approximately two thirds of the meeting were against it. This was followed by a number of questions from the audience.

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