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Trinity Festival - BBC Gardeners' Question Time 

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(25 April 2003)

BBC Gardeners' Question Time came to Cookham on 25 April at the Chartered Institute of Marketing.  The doors opened at 6pm for a 6.45pm start, by five past six the Berkshire suite was nearly full of people anticipating a fascinating evening. As usual Eric Robson led the panel and this time he was accompanied by Matthew Briggs, Ann Swithenbank and Bob Flowerdew, the renowned organic gardener, who is always being accused of filling his garden full of recyclable tat.

Gardeners' Question Time Panel

Eric Robson, Matthew Briggs, Ann Swithenbank and Bob Flowerdew

There were in fact two programmes made, one being from the Cookham and Cookham Dean Horticultural Society which will be broadcast on 1st May and the second from Bourne End Horticultural Society which will be broadcast on June 13th. For the second one everyone had to pretend it was June time.

Adele Weiner clutches her problem specimen she has brought with her

Lesley Aston was the first person to ask a question which was asking for suggestions as to what could be put into the three containers outside the Stanley Spencer Gallery which have to contend with a cold, draughty area and petrol fumes. Matthew Briggs suggested that she could create a topiary in each which could read A R T.  Eric Robson rejoined that they should be careful that no one added an extra container with the letter F in it.

All Ready to Go

(with thanks to Jeremy Wilson Photography)

Although two programmes were made the whole thing was extremely efficiently produced with very little extra time needed to re-record certain bits and was pretty well completed by just gone 8.30pm.


At the end of the programme it was possible to buy the BBC Gardeners' Question Time book at a specially reduced price of 10, which had been signed by the panel.  Also people went and chatted with the panel about things that had not been included in the programme.  A thoroughly enjoyable evenign which was completely different.

Bob Flowerdew Answers a question at the end of the Programme

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