Babs Christian

Professional actor/singer and Cookham resident, Babs Christian, is delighted to be performing at the Cookham Festival. This year as part of Kaos Kabaret, she will play the role of Marta Heartburn in a spoof of the famous BBC series ‘Dick Barton: Special Agent’. Passionate about acting and singing, Babs studied opera under Evelyn Nicholson – […]

richard james

Richard James – The People’s Shakespeare

“I love challenging people to try something new – that’s when I believe we can discover things about ourselves that we might never have considered before,” says Richard James, professional actor and playwright. It’s that ethos that inspired him to start The People’s Shakespeare. “In 2010, I was approached by Mike Copland, who was then […]

Julia Bentley-Dawkes – The Pied Pipers of Cookham

The Cookham Festival has a history of looking for new and innovative acts, and providing something for everyone. This spirit is perhaps best embodied in Julia Bentley-Dawkes. She’s no stranger to the Cookham Festival, having performed in a concert for two flutes and a piano in 2011, but this year she’s got something a little […]

Pied Piper

CF SS Wall Hanging

Ruth Daniel and the Maidenhead Quilters

Ruth Daniel and five of her fellow Maidenhead Quilters have designed and sewn a beautiful wall hanging based on a collage of works by Stanley Spencer.  It will feature in a talk  to be given during the Festival. When we think of quilting, perhaps the first thing that springs to mind is a patchwork bed […]

Cookham Knit and Natter

Whilst Cookham might not yet have played host to Banksy’s artwork by stealth, a new and slightly more unusual form of graffiti is about to hit the village. When the ladies of the Cookham knit and natter group were asked to provide an exhibition piece for the 2015 Festival, they came up with a very […]

CF Knit and natter group yarn graffiti

Charlie Howett sml

Matthew Burley – Portrait Painter

Brought up in Cookham, portrait painter Matthew Burley uses original photographs to create unique and highly realistic art work. His affection for the village brings him back to the Festival. From his early childhood Matthew has always been interested in painting and drawing. His mother worked in animation and his father is an architect so […]

David England – Master Storyteller

When most of us think of storytelling, we imagine children tucked up in bed, or possibly a spooky story told around a campfire in the woods. But for David England, the appeal of storytelling is far more universal. “I tell stories in all sorts of places – festivals, private events, even weddings. In fact, over […]