Babs Christian

Professional actor/singer and Cookham resident, Babs Christian, is delighted to be performing at the Cookham Festival. This year as part of Kaos Kabaret, she will play the role of Marta Heartburn in a spoof of the famous BBC series ‘Dick Barton: Special Agent’.

Passionate about acting and singing, Babs studied opera under Evelyn Nicholson – the acclaimed British soprano and completed an advanced performance course at Questors Academy. “For me acting is the purest art form there is and the distillation of human expression.  Singing is pure joy.”

Babs’ career has been varied; she’s appeared in Calendar Girls, sung in two indie/cover rock bands, and had her own band before joining Kaos Cabert in 2012. In Dick Barton she plays the evil temptress and femme fatale Martha Heartburn. “It’s a great role to play and I have loads of fun doing it. I feel privileged to work with Kaos Kabaret – they are a remarkably gifted group. And our audiences clearly appreciate us – we’ve played to rave reviews all over the UK and Europe”

The Cookham Festival won’t be Babs’ first time performing in Cookham – she has sung here with her band The Seen and is the local organiser of Oxfam events. This year she’s particularly excited about participating in the Festival: “I am thrilled to be bringing our performance to Cookham and playing in front of my ‘home crowd’.”

A Cookham resident for twenty-two years, Babs wears her love of the village on her sleeve “….my favourite thing about Cookham? I’m tempted to say the pubs but as a reformed and more mature individual, I’d say the beautiful walks along the river!”

You can see how ‘Martha’ and Kaos Kabaret fare in their spoof recording in two episodes of Dick Barton: Special Agent at Pinder Hall on Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th May at 7.30pm. Tickets cost £12 for one night or £18 for two and, with a licensed bar, it’s sure to be a fantastic night’s entertainment.