Highlights: Open Air Painting Competition

On Saturday 2nd May, the first eager artists turned up at the Odney Club, armed with easels, painting paraphernalia and their canvases ready to be stamped; ready to embark on the challenge of painting somewhere in Cookham, in the open air. Over the weekend 21 adults and 9 children took part in the event which culminated in an exhibition showing off their talent.

Juliette palmer RBA and Sarah Luton found the task of judging the competition exceedingly difficult. Although some of the subjects were the same, there were many interpretations, differing techniques and media.

Ruth Daniel Tarrystone Garden Winner adult category

Ruth Daniel

Ruth Daniel winner AdultThe adult first prize winner was Ruth Daniel. Her ‘Tarrystone Garden’ in pen and wash, was an exquisite illustrative portrayal of the Tarrystone decorated with the ‘knitted garden’, created especially for this years’ festival.





The second prize went to Joan Wilcox for a lively watercolour of Cookham Bridge.


Judging the children’s categories was even harder with the additional consideration of the age range. All the entries showed talent and a skill in observation.

Isabel Saunders River View

Isabel Saunders

In 11-18 category, first prize went to Isabel Saunders (11yrs) for her expressive acrylic ‘River View’ looking towards the church from the far side of Cookham Bridge.


Second prize went to John Conacher (15yrs) for his beautiful portrayal of the Angel in Holy Trinity churchyard, painted in watercolour and ink.

Third prize went to Tabitha Palmer-Savage (12yrs) for strong watercolour of the bridge on the Causeway.

Gabriella Ford (14yrs) captured the colour and light on the stream beautifully in oil pastels in her view of the Odney Bridge and Nick Conacher (13yrs) produced an interesting minimalist painting in acrylic, ‘Under the Bridge’.



Sophia Carter Swans in Love

Sophia Carter

In the under 11s category, first prize went to Sophia Carter (7yrs) for ‘Swans in Love’ at Odney, painted freely in watercolour.

Second prize went to Honey Harman (9 yrs) for her personal interpretation of Cookham Bridge.

Third prize went to Elodie Sykes (9 yrs) who produced a small and well observed watercolour of the Odney House.

Tabitha Crook presented a beautiful bold acrylic of the easily recognisable ‘Badger’s Cottage’.

Congratulations to everyone who entered!