Highlights: A Quilter’s View of Cookham

Quilters1 A wonderful talk was given by the Maidenhead Quilters at The John Lewis Heritage Centre. Jocelyn Stevens introduced the audience to the delights of quilting and demonstrated ┬ámany examples of her work and the different techniques involved. I was particularly interested in the quilts they made for children who have experienced family problems and the work they have undertaken for prisons. Ruth Daniel unveiled the Spencer Quilt with the seven panels depicting the artist’s work. She told us how she had chosen the pictures to use and the design process through to completion by the group. A special feature was the Suffolk Puffs a gathered quilting process which gave a three-dimensional view to the onions in the first panel. Ann Danks the Stanley Spencer Gallery curator gave an illustrated talk on each of the paintings used with some lovely anecdotes from Stanley’s letters. A lively discussion followed with questions from the audience. Many thanks go to The John Lewis Partnership for allowing us to use their Heritage Centre and also to the lovely ladies from Holy Trinity Church who provided the welcome cups of tea.quilters2