2017 Come and Sing

Come and Sing with Russell Scott on Sunday May 14th saw a disparate group of over 30 people attending the Odney Club for a choral workshop.

comeandsing-04To achieve his ends Russell employs humour, anecdotes and above all an infectious enthusiasm for music. With this mixture he was able to create an amazingly professional sound. The results he achieved were even more impressive given that he only had four hours in which to work his magic.

Those attending ranged from a few with some choral experience to complete novices whose singing abilities had, up until then, been confined to the privacy of their bath or to the occasional pub karaoke.

At the end of the workshop the group performed Lloyd Webber’s “Whistle down the Wind” and The Beatles “Let it Be” to an audience of friends, family, and a few others attracted by the singing, and it was a mark of their success that they were asked for an encore.

All those participating ended the afternoon with a feeling of achievement and smiles on their faces.

Russell had said in his introduction that when people sing in a choir they forget their worries, and come away feeling happy — and that certainly proved to be true.

This event may well become a fixture, and everyone, of whatever standard should give it a try — they won’t be disappointed!

Tom Lemon, participant

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