2017 Going For Gold


What an inspirational and motivational evening from Tom Aggar and Adrian Moorhouse! We were given great insight into the triggers, motivation and role models (and stubbornness!) that led these two sportsmen to set and reach their goals and win the ultimate gold medal. During this candid presentation in an intimate setting we learned of their individual stories, the gruelling mental and physical training regimes, how they dealt with setbacks and reacted to disappointment and more importantly how they used that to improve and stretch themselves further. Some of the phrases used “4 years’ training for a 5 minute race”, “small margins for large gain”, “can do mindset”, really demonstrate the sheer determination and mental strength of these two athletes. Having both retired from competitive sport, they also talked about their involvement in coaching and talent development, not only in their respective sports but in other areas of their lives, predominantly family life and the business environment; always assessing and re-setting goals, pushing boundaries, team working, unleashing potential in others and setting new challenges. Thank you both for a fabulous evening!