Spencer, Stanley, 1891-1959; NeighboursUnder the chairmanship of Professor Peter Robinson, the judges of the “Cookham Festival Stanley Spencer Poetry Competition” have announced the list of 78 poems, from the over 200 entries, which they have selected as being of a sufficiently high standard to merit publication in the special poetry anthology which will be published during the Festival in May of this year. This list will now form the basis for the creation of a final shortlist and, subsequently, for the selection of the three final prize winners of the overall competition. The top prize will be the “Cookham Festival Stanley Spencer Poetry Competition Don and Jill Cawthorne Prize”, with a cash value of £2,500. The two runners’ up awards, the Stationers’ Company Award and the Maidenhead Advertiser Award, each carry a cash prize of £500.

Members of the public will have a chance to hear some of the selected poems being read during this year’s Cookham Festival, at a special poetry event to be held at Cookham Dean Village Hall on Friday 12 May. The anthology will also be launched at this event, with copies being available for sale. At the same time, the final shortlist will be announced, with the three prize winners being revealed at a special awards evening at the Stanley Spencer Gallery in Cookham on Friday 19 May.

The list of the 76 successful poems is as follows:

Virginia Astley – ‘Swan-Upper’, ‘The Last Willow Pot Omper Maker’, ‘Moulsford to Cleeve’ [3 poems]

Michael Bartholomew-Biggs – ‘Don’t those background figures look like
cricketers?’ [1 poem]

Denise Bennett – ‘Shrines’ [1 poem]

Carole Bromley – ‘Nothing I Love is Rubbish’ [1 poem]

Graham Burchell – ‘Golden Slumbers Sonia Rose’ [1 poem]

Linda Burnett – ‘Caught up in Stanley’s Hair’ [1 poem]

Jim Campbell – ‘An Incident in Cookham Churchyard’ [1 poem]

Ross Cogan – ‘Zacharias and Elizabeth, 1914’ [1 poem]

Shez Courtney-Smith – ‘Deletions, Dear Desmond (August 1916) or Me, Today and Tomorrow’ [1 poem]

Cahal Dallat – ‘A Belfast Galleryman Speaks’ [1 poem]

Miranda Day – ‘Stanley Spencer Paints Christ’ [1 poem]

Jan Dean – ‘Christ in the Wilderness’ [1 poem]

Margaret Deuter – ‘Nature and Human Nature: Questions to Stanley Spencer’ [1 poem]

Brian Docherty – ‘Strawberry Moon’ [1 poem]

Andy Draper – ‘Double Nude Portrait 1937’ [1 poem]

Claire Dyer – ‘Of Angels, Porcelain and Paint’, ‘In Full Swing’ [2 poems]

Josh Ekroy – ‘Scarecrow’ [1 poem]

Michael Fitzgerald – ‘Airmail’ [1 poem]

John Foggin – ‘And the trumpet shall sound’ [1 poem]

John Gallas – ‘How to Make St Francis (and the Birds: an Origami Poem)’ [1 poem]

Caroline Gill – ‘On Reflection’ [1 poem]

Helena Goddard – ‘Resurrection on Tewkesbury High Street’ [1 poem]

Jacey Gomme – ‘Vardarec, Vardaris’ [1 poem]

Giles Goodland – ‘Spencer, Private no. 40812, C Company’ [1 poem]

Marielou Grimberg – ‘St Francis and the Swimmer’ [1 poem]

Emma Harding – ‘Resurrection’ [1 poem]

Hilary Hares – ‘Ottolenghi’s Feast’ [1 poem]

Mark Haworth-Booth – ‘Stanley Spencer at Cookham on Thames’, ‘The Burial of Stanley Spencer’ [2 poems]

Maeve Henry – ‘Two Paintings of Hilda Carline’ [1 poem]

Karen Izod – ‘Just a Minor Detail’, ‘Still Here’ [2 poems]

Rosie Jackson – ‘Sewing on a Button’, ‘The Heaven that Runs through Everything’ [2 poems]

Paul Jeffcutt – ‘Bedridden’, ‘Elements’ [2 poems]

Helen Kidd – ‘Blue Doughnut Annunciation’ [1 poem]

Gill Learner – ‘A Long Way from Home’ [1 poem]

John Loveday – ‘Roy’ [1 poem]

Tony Lucas – ‘The Resurrection, Cookham’ [1 poem]

Christine MacFarlane – ‘Redemption ‘, ‘Family Portrait’ [2 poems]

Lorraine Mariner – ‘A Disciple Views Stanley Spencer’s Last Supper’
[1 poem]

Alwyn Marriage – ‘Christ in the Wilderness’ [1 poem]

Dorothy McCarthy – ‘The Swan Speaks to Stanley Spencer’ [1 poem]

Stephen Moore – ‘Cookham to Bristol Mental Asylum’ [1 poem]

Zoe Mulcaire – ‘Port Glasgow Cemetery, 1947’ [1 poem]

Jill Munro – ‘Golden Slumbers Sonia Rose’ [1 poem]

Kate Noakes – ‘I am Nothing like Domestic’ [1 poem]

Patrick Osada – ‘Approaching Heaven’ [1 poem]

Tom Phillips – ‘Balkan September’ [1 poem]

Charlie Pledger – ‘Flood’ [1 poem]

Ian Pople – ‘The Deposition and the Rolling Away of the Stone’ [1 poem]

Victoria Pugh – ‘In the Detail’, ‘Southwold 1937’ [2 poems]

Richard Robbins – ‘Double Nude Portrait of the Artist and his Second Wife’, ‘Christ Carrying the Cross’ [2 poems]

Kim Rooney – ‘Resurrection’ [1 poem]

Lesley Saunders – ‘The Suit of Stars’ [1 poem]

Robert Saxton – ‘Air and Angels’, ‘The Silent Collection’ [2 poems]

Mara Scrupe – ‘Darko’s Ode: Everything’s Stone So I Say Stay Low’ [1 poem]

Pnina Shinebourne – ‘First’, ‘Winged’, ‘Among’, ‘Capture/Captured’ [4 poems]

Sarah Smith – ‘Resurrection, Kendeja Beach’ [1 poem]

Anne Summerfield – ‘Christmas Stockings, 1936’ [1 poem]

Robin Thomas – ‘Christ Overturning the Money Changers’ Tables’ [1 poem]

Tom Ward – ‘Source Materials’, ‘The Betrayal’, ‘The Crucifixion 1958’ [3 poems]

Jean Watkins – ‘Disciples,’ ‘Hilda, Unity and Dolls’ [3 poems]

Jules Whiting – ‘Sunflower and Dog Worship 1937’ [1 poem]