2017 Talk: Cookham and its Brewing History

Cookham Dean Cricket Club, Rickett’s Field, Whyteladyes Lane, SL6 9LF                               May 10th                       8pm                   Tickets  £5

In the 17th and 18th Centuries, brewhouses were a common feature with beer the main every day drink, as it was often safer than the local water.

Around 1800 technological changes led to the development of Darby’s and later Neville Reid’s businesses. Keith Parry’s talk covers the history of Cookham’s brewing business, its brewers and pubs from 1600 to early 1900s and some of the buildings that remain part of Cookham’s heritage. Samples available from our favourite local brewery.



2 thoughts on “2017 Talk: Cookham and its Brewing History

  • Richard FM Conlon

    Good day, we are mutual followers on Twitter (@WorldofConlon). I have been fascinated to read about some of your up-and-coming events, particularly ‘Cookham and its Brewing History’ and ‘Cookham’s Place in the Movies’, and have tweeted about them. As unfortunately I am unable to attend these evenings’, I am interested to know whether or not transcript of knowledge shared or footage (Youtube?) of these evenings’ will be available online, at all please? The subjects are fascinating, and I am disappointed I unable to attend.

    Kind regards, Richard.


      Hello Richard, Thank you for your message. Unfortunately we don’t have the facilities to provide records of the evening. We could possibly put you in contact with the lecturers if that would help.

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