The Parish Council owns fourteen acres of green space in the middle of Cookham called the Alfred Major Recreation ground.  This area was left to the village in the 1940s for recreational purposes.  It is now much used by Cookham Dean Football Club and has practise post for general play. It also has a children's play area that can be used by children under 10 years of age, an adult keep fit area and a hard surface Basketball / Netball court. In the summer young people's activities are also organised.

Multi-surface court at Alfred Major Recreation Ground

The Parish Council decided to have a hard surface area on the Alfred Major Recreation ground.  This was after a consultative questionnaire was made available to all villagers.

The hard area was completed in early October and the Basketball posts were installed on the 12th October 1999.  These were supplied free through the English Basketball Association in association with the National Lotteries Board.

The Basketball and Netball Courts on Alfred Major Recreation Ground


There is a children's play ground with lots of slides and play items on it. It is totally enclosed so children can play safely and parents can watch their children. 

The Children's Play Area


In 2008 an adults keep fit area was built. This has a variety of different pieces of apparatus to improve fitness of various parts of the body. 

the Adult Keep Fit Apparatus