The Cookham WI meets at the Pinder Hall at 2.15 pm  on the first Wednesday of each month, unless otherwise stated.  New Members are very welcome.  A competition is normally held at each of the meetings. These are listed below.


EVENTS 2014-2015
Wednesday 4 June 2014 Tax. Care and Toy Boys
Wednesday 2 July 2014 Garden Party - Cookham Sailing Club
Wednesday 6 August 2014 Outing TBA
Wednesday 3 September 2014 Ellie Dickins Shoes
Wednesday 1October 2014 Magistrate and Probation Officer
Wednesday 5 November 2014 Image Consultant
Wednesday 3 December 2014 Christmas Lunch at Pinder Hall: Entertainment
Wednesday 7 January 2015 TBA
Wednesday 4 February 2015 A Victorian Magic Lantern Show
Wednesday 4 March 2015 AGM and Election of Committee (cakes)
Wednesday 1 April 2015 Microwave Cookery Demonstration
Wednesday 6 May 2015 RESOLUTION MEETING

Mrs Valerie Neal - 01628 525432

Mrs Nola Edgar - 01628 528320

HON. SECRETARY Mrs June Prichard - 01628 521417
HON. TREASURER Mrs Joan Felix - 01628 523289
Anne Letchford
Chris Bond
Jane Moody
Sue Wickenden
Ruth Deacon
Ann Gibbings
Ann Maxwell
Pat Middleton
Vera Hornby


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