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A Bit of History

The Holy Trinity Parish Centre was originally the vicarage for Holy Trinity Church.  Parts of the building date back to Queen Anne.  The previous The Kitchen Areachurch hall was situated in the Maidenhead Road and had been purchased by the Parishioners who paid a shilling a week to obtain it.  In the early 1980's the old Church Hall was sold off for development and a new vicarage was built for Holy Trinity.  However, the old vicarage was converted into a magnificent Parish Centre.  The upstairs is now flats and the ground floor has two main rooms and a kitchen available for the people of Cookham to hire.


There are two rooms for hire, the Rogers Room which will accommodate 60-70 people and the Briggs Room, which is slightly smaller, which accommodates around 25-30 people.  There is also a spacious kitchen which leads onto the Briggs Room.  There are  plenty of chairs and tables available if required.


There is a convenient car park behind the Parish Centre and also overflow vehicles can be parked in the Paddock adjacent to the Church.  The facilities are used regularly by several local groups.


To book the Parish Centre, phone the Parish Administrator on 01628 529661 Monday - Friday morning. 9.30am - 12.30 am

The Briggs Room




12.50 per hour


10.50 per hour


  5.50 per hour




Price on application


Price on application


Price on application


The Rogers Room


         Conditions of Hiring

Please park in the tarmac'd car park to the rear of the Parish Centre and ensure that your guests/members do the same 
(capacity approx 45 cars) 


The gravelled car park at the front of the Parish Centre may be used briefly for off-loading/loading equipment etc but is otherwise STRICTLY RESERVED FOR PARISH CENTRE RESIDENTS AND EMERGENCY SERVICES. Overflow parking in the Paddock next to the churchyard and convenient parking for the disabled may he prearranged with the Parish Administrator. 

When appropriate, the central heating will be preprogrammed for your booking. Extra heat may be obtained in the Rogers and Briggs Rooms by turning individual wall heaters on at the wall and adjusting dials until warm air is blowing into the room. 

Whilst you are at the Parish Centre 

The HIRER is responsible for the following. 

1.    supervision of the premises, the fabric and contents; 
2.    the behaviour of all persons using the premises; 

3.    encouraging no smoking; 
4.    ensuring that no nuisance is caused to the residents of the flats above the Parish Centre rooms or to nearby residents; 
5.    ensuring, in the interests of safety, that YOUNG CHILDREN DO NOT GO IN THE KITCHEN; 
6.    returning all kitchen equipment to the appropriate drawers and cupboards; 
7.    ensuring that no pins, nails, sellotape, blu-tack or similar are affixed to any part of the Parish Centre; 
8.    ensuring that no games more suited to out-of-doors are played in the Centre, and that no animals - other than guide dogs - are brought into the Centre; 
9.    ensuring that no music is played on the premises since this would contravene Planning Permission restrictions and cause nuisance to residents; 
10.  ensuring that disposable nappies are placed directly into the wheelie bins outside the Parish Centre; 
11.  ensuring that all requests made by an officer of the PCC are complied with. 

Before you leave the Parish Centre 

The HIRER is responsible for the following: 

1.     ensuring that persons leave the Centre without nuisance to residents of the flats above the Parish Centre rooms, or to nearby residents; 
2.     leaving the Centre and surrounds in a clean and tidy condition (Vacuum cleaner, mops, brooms etc kept in storage areas of Briggs Room, toilets and kitchen); 
3.     cleaning the kitchen thoroughly if used - cooker (oven and top), sinks and work surfaces and floors; 
4.     placing all refuse in the wheelie bins at the end of the period of. hire; 

5.     returning ALL folding chairs and folding tables to storage; 
6.     switching off individual wall heaters at the wall in R6gers and Briggs rooms; 

7.     ensuring that all gas appliances, kettles and urn have been turned off, 

8.     removing any food from the refrigerator; 
9.     closing all windows, internal fire doors, kitchen hatch, French windows, and external doors; 

10.   advising the Parish Office of any breakage or damage to Parish Centre property and in due course indemnifying the PCC for the cost of repair/replacement. 

Please note: 

Should the HIRER wish to cancel the booking before the date of the event and the Parochial Church Council does not receive a replacement booking, repayment of the fee shall be at the discretion of the PCC; 

The Parochial Church Council reserves the right to cancel the hiring in the event of the Parish Centre being required for use as a Polling Station for a Parliamentary or Local Government or European Election or By-election, in which case the hirer shall be entitled to a refund of any money paid or the option of an alternative date. The Parochial Church Council also reserves the right to cancel the hiring in the event of the Parish Centre being required for a specific parochial activity; such cancellation would not be within 12 weeks of the booking. 

In the event of the Parish Centre being rendered unfit for the use for which it had been hired, the PCC shall not be liable to the hirer for any resulting loss or damage. 


Any advertising should avoid implying that activities are in aid of the church, unless justified and agreed by the Parish Administrator before circulation of any such material. 


A First Aid box is kept in the drawer marked with a green cross in the kitchen. 

No responsibility can by accepted by the PCC for personal items left on the premises. 

The kitchen is equipped with cups, saucers, tea and dinner plates, and cutlery (with the exception of teaspoons). The HIRER is requested to bring tea towels, oven gloves, dish cloths, bin liners and chopping boards where appropriate. 

The Parish Centre should be cleared by 2300hrs.

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