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19 June 2022

The annual Cookham Scout Summer Fair. was help on the Moor again after Covid and storms shut it down in the last years. 

There was Food, drink and ice cream along with music the dog show, games stalls, clothes stalls, gift stalls bric-a-brack, also a silent auction and some hunky firemen.

There was the Arena with Mr Magic Hat,  Children's obstacle course/games, Rob Castell music, the Dog Show and the SL6 Band

Although it was a bit damp there were lots of people and lots of dogs dogs for the popular dog show, with Ross Kemp at the micrphone. Click here for some photos.


Bethany with Milo, winner of the Agility Group



10 June 2022

The Cookham Age Concern shop in Cookham Rise is proudly displaying the flag that so many people signed at the Jubilee Street Party on Sunday. Drop in and have look.



6 June 2022

The amazing Pageant along the Mall on Sunday 5 June 2022 included a 1980s' bus. To be seen on the bus was Timmy Mallett from Cookham. Afyerwards he met Sir Chris Hoys the Olympic biker and talked to him about biking as Timmy is currently circumnavigating Great Britain by bike. Timmy has got to Scotland, but came back to Cookham for the weekend, so he could celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

Click here for Timmy on the Bus


2 June 2022

Some secret person is helping Cookham celebrate the Jubilee by creating this wonderful letterbox topper at Westwood Green. The Queen will be impressed!


27 May 2022 is very sad to hear of the death of David Ashwanden. David had been part of the village most of his life along with his sister who had her portrait painted by Sir Stanley Spencer. David fought for the Cookham environment over the years and was Chairman of the Cookham Society from 2004-2008. He was often seen manning the Society's "tent" at Cookham events. His family had lived in Moor Cottage off School Lane in Cookham Village for forty years and he loved the view of Cookham Moor, David then moved further down School Lane. David will be missed by many people.

The funeral ill be on Monday 13th June at 3.00pm
Cordelia and her family have asked us to let you know that the funeral will take place on Monday 13th June at 3.00pm. The service will be led by Fr David.


15 May 2022

The Drum Workshop gathered together at the Pinder Hall on Saturday 14 May for the Cookham Festival. The video shows the children's session.  Click here


8 May 2022

Cookham Cocktail Club Gin No.5 has won two awards at the largest gin competition in the world.

The Cocktail Club Gin No.5 was launched very recently by Julia Herd and Stephanie Maher in December 2021. The duo also offers bespoke cocktail tasting for those who like to make their own at-home cocktails and this was launched in March this year.

The gin was awarded two different accolades at the Gin Awards 2022. It won the world’s best new contemporary gin and the best English contemporary gin.

The gin is made up of 11 different botanicals and features a kick from black and pink peppercorns, cinnamon, and cardamom. This is balanced with yuzu peel and blackcurrant, which makes for a unique and refreshing sipping gin.

Jules and Stephanie have also developed a gin sorbet with Agosti Gelato and they are currently working with Moneyrow Beans to create a gin-espresso martini. Whilst the business partners created the gin, it was distilled by nearby Henley Gin Distillery.

Jules said “To be awarded not one but two accolades, two months after launch in The World Gin Guide Awards is absolutely mind-blowing.” The Cookham Cocktail Club Gin No. 5 has a retail price of £42 and is suggested to be served over ice with a slice of orange and some tonic water.


29 April 2022

Cookham resident, Sarah Rodi, has just launched  second book. Her lifelong dream was to write a romance for Mills & Boon and so her dream has come true for the second time. Sarah has always been a hopeless romantic. She grew up watching old, romantic movies recommended by her grandad, or devouring love stories from the local library. Sarah has been a journalist for twenty years. Her new book is Escaping With Her Saxon Enemy. 

Click here to see the book on Amazon. 


7 April 2022

Cookhams Footprint launched their new project on Friday aiming to tackle the environmental and climate crisis,  They were joined by Theresa May MP with this exciting initiative.

On Saturday, the group held its first public event with a stand in Cookham Rise, inviting residents to come and learn more about Cookhams Footprint and how to get involved.

Paul Strzelecki, Theresa May MP and Sue Teasdale. 


29 March 2022

A new group launches in Cookham this week to involve the local community in tackling the climate and environmental crisis. Called Cookhams Footprint the group will address all aspects of the crisis but it will focus initially on energy.

Launching on the day that energy prices rise by 54%, Cookhams Footprint’s founders aim to help residents avoid heat escaping from their homes, save money, reduce climate change emissions and, by encouraging local energy generation, improve security of supply. A key part of their mission will be to support families in fuel poverty.

“Consumers currently face a triple whammy of issues”, says one of Cookhams Footprint founders Paul Strzelecki. “The accelerating cost of living, the pressure of climate change and the threat to security of energy supply force us to make big changes. Action by the government and our local council is crucial but real progress will only come if we make changes in the way we run our own lives.  We want our new initiative to help Cookhamites do just that.”

Cookham’s energy use per household  is already 50% above the national average with households spending £5 million in 2021, or an average of £2000 per home - which is likely to double over this year. “If people aren’t doing anything about it now they will be wanting to soon”, Paul says.  “The good news is that the new pressure to cut energy use will also help us to cut our emissions.”

Cutting energy use and preventing waste are the immediate priorities. “We’ll be providing tips, sharing experience and generally helping people through what can be a really confusing journey”, says the group’s Sue Teasdale.  She adds, “Helping those most in need is our priority.  Cookham is a close knit and caring community, and hopefully we’ll all come together to help and share advice.  We’re recruiting a team of local volunteers to be our Energy Champions who help people through this difficult journey”.

The longer term aim is to make Cookham as self-sufficient in energy as possible, with more households using solar, heat pump and other technologies. A team has been set up to look at larger scale community generation schemes based on solar, wind, ground source and energy from the River Thames.  The group will work with the council and other bodies to drive its programme forward with a target to reduce emissions by 50% in five years and be among the lowest cost energy communities in the country.

The group has made strong progress since meeting for the first time in January.  Now the need is for more volunteers to lead and develop the programmes.  “We want to involve individuals and the more than 50 community groups across Cookham, including our schools and churches”, Paul says.  Anyone wanting to learn more or get involved can contact the group at


7 March 2022

Thursday's AGM was very well attended with some lively discussions and included a fascinating talk by Dr Gabor Thomas about what may turn out to be one of the most important excavations of its kind in the country, adding further to Cookham's historical charms. For report and pictures see


15 February 2022

Stanley Spencer’s eldest daughter Shirin, died peacefully last week at their home in Wales, aged 96. Although frail she had only been ill for the last couple of weeks. The funeral will be in Cookham. John is asking for no flowers please, but donations in her memory to Amnesty International if any one wishes. All will be welcome to a very simple funeral Shirin‘s funeral which is now set for Wednesday March 16 at 2 pm at Holy Trinity. More details later. John, her son, says all are welcome….

Photo of Shirin at her birthday party in 2021

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