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19 May 2019

We had a great response to Wild About Cookham, our joint WildCookham/Cookham Festival photography competition.  More than 120 photos were submitted, from which our panel of judges selected 50 to exhibit during the Festival.  If you're quick you have till 5pm today (Sunday 18th May) to see them in the Sir Bernard Miller Centre at Cookham's Odney Club in Odney Lane.

Four winners were announced at a reception at the Odney Club on Friday:  Sarah Luton (Adult Category) , William Garrett (Junior), Gill Harper (Smartphone) and, in a special extra 'judges prize' for best animal photo, Susan Lee-Tanner.  William went away with a camera donated by Canon, Sarah is £100 better off and Gill and Susan each had a cheque for £50.

The event was possible thanks to the sponsorship of global recruitment company Renaissance Leadership whose CEO (and Cookham resident) Tony Willis presented the prizes.  Big thanks also to Richard Campin and Kira Holland who ran the whole process and to our judges - pro photographers Patrick Blake and Mick Vogel, Cookham Festival's creative head Maureen Smith and Brian Clews for Wild Cookham.  Of course, we could not have had the exhibition or the Awards event without the generous support of the John Lewis Partnership team at the Odney Club.  And, most of all, we thank the many people who submitted their photos of Cookham's wildlife and landscape.

We had a total of more than 1600 votes cast to select the winners and there has been universal praise for the quality of the photos.  They also demonstrate clearly the wonderful wildlife and natural habitats we have in the Cookhams - a powerful reminder of the efforts we all need to make to save and enhance them for the future.

Look out for our 2020 Calendar
There will now be a further selection of photos to appear in the 2020 WildCookham calendar which is due out later in the summer.  So watch out for this.

The photos show the four winners, with Richard Campin (left) and Tony Willis - top row Sarah Luton and Gill Harper; bottom row William Garrett and Susan Lee-Tanner.


10 May 2019

Such fun and excitement is a-happening in Cookham involving the very young from Cookham Montessori Nursery and their older ‘buddies’ at Queen’s award-winning Elizabeth House adult day centre.

Having been inspired by the Channel 4 ‘Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds’, children and adults meet up once a week at Elizabeth House for an hour-long session led by the passionate staff team from the nursery including  singing, traditional table-top games, crafting and finishing up with time to chat, share stories and laugh usually over a drink and a snack.

Data overwhelmingly shows that when we bring together seniors and young people good things happen, and, as many families have less contact between generations there is a lot that nurseries can do to bridge the gap between older and younger people.

Adults thrive on the vibrancy and sense of fun the children bring with them.  Research shows a positive impact on both cognitive and physical performance as well as a reduction in loneliness and depression.  Xxxxx aged xx said ……………………………………………

Children gain from the added attention of an engaged elder. It helps them feel valued and builds respect for older people. Academic studies show children becoming more articulate and confident – they love to be watched and have someone to chat to and to laugh with them!  

There are no downsides, just benefits for young, old and society at large.

If you would like to know more about us visit us at www.cookhammontessori.com and www.elizabethhousecookham.org


9 May 2019

Vibe, a very successful teaching agency, run by Cookham resident Paul Harris won an award for the best place to work in the UK in London last night!
Paul and Renee have four children at Holy Trinity School in Cookham and are very involved in the local community. Renee is also singing at the Cookham Festival next week. Congratulations to them both.


7 May 2019

Cookham Bridge was closed on Saturday night. Police set up a roadblock and when asked why replied they couldn’t say…..

Here’s why



4 May 2019

Local photographers have been busy snapping, ahead of the exhibition which opens in Cookham's Odney Club 4th May.  The Wild About Cookham exhibition features 50 images taken in Cookham and selected from more than 120 submitted.

Visitors get the chance to vote for their favourite in three categories - Adult, Junior and Smartphone - with prizes in each category.  The awards evening is on Friday 17th May at 6pm at the Odney Club and all are welcome (more details on our Meetup site).

The exhibition is open each day between 10am and 4pm.  There is no charge - and it's a great opportunity also to visit the wonderful Sculpture Garden in the Odney Club grounds, now a regular Festival feature.

And a big Thank You to Richard Campin and Kira Holland who have put the exhibition together and the judges - Patrick Blake, Brian Clews, Maureen Smith and Mick Vogel.


3 May 2019

The results for the Borough elections saw Mandy Brar( Lib Dem) getting back onto the Council and Gerry Clark (Conservative) being re-elected. 

Click here for the results.

There was only voting for the Parish Council from Cookham Rise and Cookham Dean wards as Cookham Village only had the correct numbers of candidates.The 

Lib Dems won all nine seats in the Cookham Rise area. 

Click here for Parish Council results.

The Conservatives still have control of the Council but with a reduced majority


28 April 2019

“The threat of rain and a rather dull morning did not dissuade a dozen or so of us gathering for the first of this year’s What’s About walks. Serenaded by a trumpeting Song Thrush and the more piccolo utterings of a Blackcap, we set off towards The Crown, checking the path-side vegetation for anything that moved. Keen eyes soon had us looking at several Seven-Spot Ladybirds before finding a pair of the notorious Harlequin Ladybird which has invaded our green and pleasant land! Jackdaws were busy stuffing sticks down one of the pub’s chimneys! Berries Lane enabled us to compare the similar renditions of Blackbird and another Song Thrush, whilst a dainty Goldcrest called close by, whilst evading us in the foliage. Green Alkanet plants along Vicarage Close hosted a few Marmalade Hoverflies, and we were soon on the churchyard watching an active Nuthatch clamber up and down the branches, and listening to Coal Tits chatting to each other.
Ferry Lane held a few White-tailed Bumble Bees and a pair of Dunnocks showing much ‘interest;’ in each other! We found some equally amorous Dock Beetles! Odney Bridge afforded close up views of a fine male Mandarin Duck (of which it is believed we now have more of in UK than in China!) Great-crested Grebes could be seen building up their nearby nest and a jinking Swallow passed overhead. At the weir, a pair of Grey Wagtails were acrobatically catching ‘Aprilflies’ in mid air to take off to their hidden nest, doubtless full of chicks’. This seemed a pity in a sense as Maylfies, even emerging a month early, have very ephemeral lives as it is without being grabbed the instant they leave the water’s surface to commence their 24-hour existence.
We found some attractive Lady’s Smock (or Cuckoo Flower), but did not hear the bird whose normal arrival coincides with the flowering of this delightful plant. With the rain now trickling down steadily we set off back to our starting place, but everyone seemed to have had their own little highlight of the stroll. There will be other What’s About walks cropping up during the summer, so look out for the announcements, or register at meetup.com/wildcookham to receive email alerts.


26 April 2019

If you have a ticket to any event in the Cookham Festival (except Rock the Moor), between the 4th to the 19th May, you can get a special deal at the following restaurants: Join the Festival Feast.

Anong Thai

Bel and the Dragon

The Crown

The King's Arms

The Old Butchers Wine Cellar

The Teapot Tea Shop


The Old Swan Uppers

Spice Merchant

The White Oak


18 April 2019

Some beautiful magnolia flowers photoed by a cookham.com reader. 
Wild about Cookham in April it calls to mind that the Magnolia blossom was one of Sir Stanley Spencer favourite subjects in Berries Road, The High Street and the grounds of The Odney Club.


1 April 2019

A shortage of high-visibility yellow vests could mean the cancellation of this year’s Cookham Dean Gravity Grand Prix.


The organisers of the popular annual charity event have been left without supplies of the essential health & safety wear due to the high demand from French ‘Gilet Jaune’ protesters.


GGP committee member Peter Bartlett said: “Our old vests were looking a bit tatty, so we threw them away after last year’s event, and planned to kit our stewards out with brand new health & safety gear this year.


“However, it turns out that there are no yellow vests available. The French have been stockpiling supplies from right across Europe for months in order to enjoy a long, hot summer of rioting.


“We quite understand that civil disturbance is as much a part of the French way of life as family events such as the GGP are over here, but it seems a bit much that they’ve cornered the market.


“We’re having urgent talks with our health & safety advisers to see if we can kit out our stewards with different colour hi-vis vests, and they’re checking the regulations carefully.


“For the time being, we’re urging entrants to keep planning their Karts for this year’s event, and we’ll issue updates when we can.”


This year’s event is due to take place on 2nd September. The GGP has raised more than £140,000 for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance and other local causes over the past decade. For more information and register a Kart, go to www.GravityGrandPrix.co.uk 


12 March 2019

Stanley and Elsie’, a historical novel by acclaimed author Nicola Upson, is to be published by Duckworth Press in May of this year. The story of the Sandham Memorial Chapel and Spencer’s subsequent colourful private life is told through the character of Elsie – the family’s loyal and efficient maid. It makes very enjoyable reading.
Whilst essentially a fictional account of this period of Stanley Spencer’s life, it is based on meticulous research (including long sessions in our own archives at the Stanley Spencer Gallery)

through which the author gained real understanding and insight into the artist’s life and work. The characters in the book are portrayed with true sensitivity and those with knowledge of Spencer’s paintings and drawings will see them skillfully evoked in descriptions of scenes and events.
The book will be available to buy in the Gallery shop and Nicola Upson will be coming to Cookham in the summer to give a talk and book- signing (date to be confirmed).

Spencer often looked back on the time Elsie worked for the family with fondness. His lively pencil sketch, Me Drawing Elsie, produced during the 1940s, is on show in our present exhibition and will continue to hang in the Gallery throughout the summer.


8 March 2019

At its Annual General Meeting on Thursday 7th March the President of the Cookham Society, Mr John Bowley, announced that the winner of the Society’s Annual Design Award for 2019 was Chapman’s Orchard, a recently redesigned and renovated house in Dean Lane, Cookham Dean. The Award consists of a certificate which would be followed later in the year by a blue ceramic plaque bearing the Society’s logo

Mr Bowley stated that the Award had been granted for the imaginative redesign and renovation of what had been a fairly unremarkable structure. The house has been recreated in a modern idiom, with great care devoted to maximising the advantages of the location by providing access to views of the nearby countryside. It integrates well with the unique green setting and rural character of Cookham Dean (see Cookham Village Design Statement, p.58), and provides an excellent example of the potential for improvement for many properties in the Parish.

Mr Bowley presented the Certificate to the Owner of the property, the novelist Karina Mellinger, and noted that the architect was Bowen Evans Architects, Marlow.


5 March 2019

Last year WildCookham launched a Wild About Gardens scheme whereby Cookham residents could win prizes by making small changes in their gardens to make them Wildlife friendly. Many households entered. Many used no chemicals or planted more bee friendly flowering plants, but some actually built ponds! The scheme was so successful it is going to be run again this year. On Wednesday evening there will be a launch event held at Lea Barn to show how easy it is to get involved. It starts at 7.30pm and more details can be found at https://www.meetup.com/WildCookham/events/259302905/ 


25 February 2019

The pond was created a few years ago but never finished. With no plants growing in the water, there was very little else able to live in it. Also the pond liner was still very visible around the sides, neither attractive nor useful for wildlife. Maidenhead Aquatics and Flowerland in Bourne End had kindly donated most of the materials required to get the pond into shape. First the leaf litter was gently removed from the water, then the sides were covered in a soft capillary matting. Hessian sacks that had been made by WildCookham volunteer Clare Padmore, were filled with a mix of sharp sand and aquatic compost and laid over the matting. Irises were then placed around the edge of the water and held in place with shingle. Turf was then laid over the Hessian sacks. On top of all that, buddleias and brambles were cut back. Project leader, Mike Day said "We certainly got a lot done today especially the pond that I didn’t think we would nearly finish". The next working party day at the reserve will be in March. For more WildCookham events visit www.meetup.com/wildcookham  

Click here for a film of the Reserve.


22 February 2019

WildCookham supporters were treated to a fascinating evening all about bumblebees on Wednesday. Adrian Doble, a zoologist who has represented the Bumblebee Conservation Trust at the BBC's Countryfile Live! and at the Ministry of Justice, gave a fact-filled presentation.

Starting with comparisons between bumblebees and honey bees and solitary bees, he moved onto the life cycle of bumblebees and threats to them - including farming practices, habitat loss and insecticides. Finally he covered the ways we can all help them out with the plants we should choose for our gardens and window boxes.

So what should we be planting? Mahonia, Daphne, lavender, borage, aquilegia - all sorts of fantastic things that flower at different times of year.


What's not worth bothering with? Begonias, petunias and geraniums!


Here's a comprehensive guide to gardening for bumblebees.


17 February 2019

Yesterday bomb disposal police were called out to Mill Lane where it was thought that an unexploded tank round had been found. The road was closed during the afternoon. 

This morning the Royal Logistical Corps, who are based at Northolt, x-rayed the "bomb round" and removed it to Maidenhead golf course where it was placed in a bunker and blown up, It was found not to be live.


16 February 2019

Holy Trinity Church will feature in the episode of Great British Railway Journeys on Tuesday 19th February on BBC2 at 6.30pm.  This is a documentary series in which Michael Portillo travels the length and breadth of the country by train. The journey will be Reading to Taplow.


9 February 2019

Anna Bennett an Olympic athlete in hockey has released a book called Health Kit which she hopes will contain the recipe for success when it comes to living life to the full.

She will be at The Little Bookshop in Cookham Village on 2 March to sign her new book, so just drop in.

Anna hopes the guide will be a useful assistant to people who are pursing a New Year's resolution about getting fitter, losing weight or practicing what she calls 'mental clarity'.


1 February 2019

The Mole and Badger cordially invite you to attend their launch night and official opening of The Mole & Badger Restaurant, Bar & Wine Emporium on 1 February, 18.30 onwards. They are also holding an Open Day on 2 February 2019, 11.00am onwards.

They say "This midwinter shindig at Karma Sanctum on the Green will feature complimentary canapés showcasing the culinary creativity of our new head chef and his team. Enjoy welcome cocktails, wine, craft ales and expertly mixed drinks to stave off the winter chill. All in the most conducive of company - including perhaps one Toad of Toad Hall. Provided he leaves his motorcar at home!"


25 January 2019

The three Carols by Candlelight services (Advent, Christmas Day & Epiphany) at Holy Trinity Church raised a total of




Thank you to all those involved in these services and to everyone who supported these services and who gave so generously. We are delighted to have raised our biggest ever sum from these three services for such a wonderful charity - giving help and hope to us all.


22 January 2019

Cookham Parish Council would like to know of any further sightings of the canisters so the police can be informed. So please let them know by emailing office@cookhamp arishcouncil.or g.uk with a rough location and they will pass the info on. Thanks!

The most silver canisters I have ever seen at the Alfred Major. All around the bench at the end of the school playing field. About 55, have reported to TVP via email.


21 January 2019

The Parish Council has recently given WildCookham the go ahead to look after the Harris Woodbridge nature reserve in Cookham Dean. It's a beautiful plot of land just off Dean Lane. Here's a short film about it. 


On Sunday January 27th a group of volunteers are heading up there to help tame the landscape. If you would like to be involved click here for more details:




5 January 2019

With the Big Garden Birdwatch coming up at the end of January, what better way to prepare than to create your own bird house! Every home needs a bird box and here's an opportunity to make a perfect bird house guided by experts! WildCookham's next event is their now annual, popular nest box making session and it's suitable for adults and children.


Box kits together with tools will be provided (for a small fee) and boxes suitable for robins or blue tits can be made at this workshop. Bob Keene and others from the Bisham bird box group will be on hand to help and also advise on the best place to site them. The workshop is taking place at Lea Barn on Saturday 19th January. For more details and to register your interest please visit the WildCookham Meetup page here. 


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