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Who is this Glorious Creature?: 27 August 2000

Who is this glorious creature who was caught briefly on camera at Ian Hardy's xxth birthday party at the Cricket Club on 26th August?

 She was seen to flit in and out, first in a rather fetching black number and then in a magnificent sequined dress, with matching elbow length gloves, that she was heard to say were purchased in London. Although her accent did sound as if she may have come from the other side of the pond. She wore a pair of beautiful gold backless sandals and a feather headdress to finish off the bird of paradise look.  

She then disappeared as if she had never been there, just when everyone was starting to sing Happy Birthday. 

A Thought from Philip Larkin: 26 August 2000

A Cookham.com reader says "I think Philip Larkin managed to say it all don't you? The poem is entitled
Going, Going
Perhaps Cookham could supply the last word!"
It seems, just now,
To be happening so very fast,
Despite all the land left free
For the first time I feel somehow
That it isn't going to last.

And that will be England gone,
The shadows, the meadows, the lanes,
The guildhalls, the carved choirs.
There'll be books, it will linger on
In galleries; but all that remains for us
Will be concrete and tyres.

Philip Larkin

The East Berkshire Recorder Players: 22 August 2000

Photo by kind permission of Geoffrey Cubley


Geoffrey Cubley had his camera at the ready during the Cookham Millennium Celebrations on Marsh Meadow in July.  Above he shows a photo of the East Berks Recorder players, who gave a wonderful medley of pieces to a packed audience.

The Moor and Marsh Meadow in the 1950's: 19 August 2000

Photo by kind permission of Jane Dards


An opportunity to see what Moor Hall, Cookham Moor and Marsh Meadow looked like in the 1950's.  Cattle can be seen grazing on Marsh Meadow.

A Planning Applicant Poem: 17 August 2000

Careers Advisory Service
To applicant 3542
We've studied your CV intently
And found the exact job for you.
Get onto the local Council-
We promise ...you cannot go wrong,
And get on the Planning Committee
'Cos Planning is where you belong.
You meet all the eyesight requirements-
Opticians' report clearly shows
You see no further than the end
Of what is a very short nose.
In Word Association test
They gave you the word 'Greenbelt'-
You passed with flying colours-
You came straight out with 'asphalt'.
They showed you a meadow in Cookham,
But you didn't write a sonnet,
With no indecision and great lack of vision-
You planted a car park upon it.

Cookham Moor as it was: 10 August 2000

With all this discussion on Cookham Moor and Marsh Meadow, the Crier thought you would like to see how the Moor looked at the beginning of the last century.


Gas Mains Repair Commences on Station Hill: 10 August 2000

Work has now started on Station Hill for repairs to be carried out on gas mains by Elizabeth House and up to Country Stores.  Traffic is only allowed to flow from the Dean to Cookham Village.  Any vehicles wishing to go towards Cookham Rise and Cookham Dean have to take a diversion along Maidenhead Road and Whyteladyes Lane.  It is envisaged that the work could take up to six weeks.  An unfortunate accident happened on the afternoon of Wednesday 8th August in that Transco cut through an electricity cable!  Problems with traffic have occurred when tall vehicles have ignored the signs and then discovered that they are too high for the bridge on Maidenhead Road.

Why All the Roadworks? : 4 August 2000


Why is every other road being dug up for gas mains repairs?

Bourne End



Maidenhead to Bracknell


Are we returning to street gas lamps?

Now that the bridge is open again, and traffic is clearing in Maidenhead, are the local authorities missing the gridloocks they cause?

or have they found that they need to spend the rest of this year's budget so that they can justify next years' budget figure?


Do you think they will make good the holes dug in the roads to the same standard as before they dug them up, or will those holes re-appear this winter?


Dear Enquirer

We are told that the reason so much work seems to being carried out, is that it is over the holiday period when everyone is away and the schools are on holiday, also the weather is better or at least should be.

The Crier

Cookham's Blue Bridge : 27 July 2000

Young Choristers Needed  for Cookham Dean Church : 26 July 2000

More junior choristers are needed for the choir of St. John the Baptist Church, Cookham Dean. Due to families moving away there are vacancies in the Junior Choir (boys and girls) of 13, 9 of whom are 'Bishop Choristers'. 

For more details please contact David Colthup on 529861 or E-mail: dcolthup@supanet.com

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Hear ye Hear ye! The Crier is always looking for things to shout about! Feel free to submit your Thoughts, Poems, Requests or anything you like to thecrier@cookham.com


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