N.B. Unless otherwise stated the area telephone dialing code is 01628

Where can I moor my boat overnight?   You can leave your boat at Bellrope Meadow which is owned by the Royal Borough Council, Bellrope Meadow is near Holy Trinity church. The contact for moorings and other issues relating to Bell Rope Meadow is Jo Baetke, .
Shee is the Licensee appointed by RBWM.
You can also moor further up the Thames, adjacent to Bellrope Meadow, at Marsh Meadow which is owned by Geoffrey Copas. Someone will come and pick up the fee each evening.
Are there any WCs in Cookham?  There are some at the train station, but they are usually locked if no one is selling tickets. There are also some in Sutton Road next door to the Stanley Spencer Gallery. There are a lot of pubs and restaurants around too.
Where can I park in Cookham? There is time limited free parking along the High Street if you wish to visit the Spencer Gallery, this includes disabled places, and also a small free car park in Sutton Road. There is a National Trust car park on the Moor (free to NT members) and also free street parking and free parking at the Parade near the train station. Occasionally the Royal Borough have a blitz on illegally parked cars, so be careful. The police also occasionally check on cars with wheels on the pavement.
How far is the train station from the Gallery? It takes about ten minutes to walk to the Gallery from the station and is just over half a mile. Turn right out of the station and carry on over the Moor, through Cookham Village until you reach the Gallery at the end of the High Street on the right hand side.  Click here for train information. 
Can I get to the Gallery by bus? There is a bus stop near the Gallery on Sutton Road, but check the times as it can take some time depending where you are travelling from. Click here for bus information. 

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