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Lovibonds Brewery Ltd
Rear of 19-21 Market Place
Oxon RG9 2AA
01491 576596

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Review added 27/06/2017 21:36 by anon

Tucked in behind the main car park in Henley, this is a little gem; as my partner put it, the perfect 'man creche' (while she went shopping), complete with a retro games console and a selection of terrific beers on tap. The "Dirty 69" is a particular standout (named after the 6.9% alcohol level) but they're all worth trying and - nice touch - you can purchase a 'growler', either 1 or 2L, fill it with the beer of your choice and then bring it back next time for a refill. This is a lovely touch which feels very environmentally friendly. If you're taking some friends round Henley, this is well worth a stop off - and they have their own parking, by the way.

5 / 5