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High Wycombe Computer Repairs

Review added 18/07/2017 13:34 by Caroline

Dreadful service. AJ came out and had an inferior screen which he placed in my laptop without even removing the battery. I noticed the screen was wrong immediately, but AJ insisted it was 'the light coming in the window'. Subsequent phone calls made no difference, he insisted he was right, and said another screen would be the same. I eventually got a decent new screen elsewhere, and now AJ is refusing to refund me my £95 for this shoddy plastic screen he sold me. Dreadful service.

0.5 / 5

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Bianco Nero-Maidenhead

Review added 28/06/2017 19:04 by Mary

Yes they have moved just around the corner opposite Prezzos, but they have more room. The quality of food is excellent, we had a great meal there last Saturday and very reasonable. Staff very friendly and service very good. We wish them well.

4 / 5

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Lovibonds Brewery - Henley

Review added 27/06/2017 21:36 by anon

Tucked in behind the main car park in Henley, this is a little gem; as my partner put it, the perfect 'man creche' (while she went shopping), complete with a retro games console and a selection of terrific beers on tap. The "Dirty 69" is a particular standout (named after the 6.9% alcohol level) but they're all worth trying and - nice touch - you can purchase a 'growler', either 1 or 2L, fill it with the beer of your choice and then bring it back next time for a refill. This is a lovely touch which feels very environmentally friendly. If you're taking some friends round Henley, this is well worth a stop off - and they have their own parking, by the way.

5 / 5

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