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Indian Takeaway
Open 7 days a week including Bank Holidays
5.30 till 11.00pm

31 Station Parade,
Cookham Rise,
Berkshire SL6 9BR
Tel: 01628 521800

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Average Score: 3.5 / 5

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Review added 28/11/2018 08:24 by curry lover

Not had one in a while and was not overly impressed. Usually top notch curries but my Dhansak was very mild to the point of bland and very runny with little meat. Veg curry was equally lacking in flavour and not at all like previous take-aways.

Getting silly expensive too, £20 for 2 dishes with no extras

2.5 / 5

Review added 16/10/2018 02:22 by Jonathon

First time using Chilli's. Excellent food with plenty of choices. Received delivery within 35 minutes, the driver was very friendly and asked for our feedback. Will definitely recommend anyone in cookham to try Chilli's if you like indian curry.

5 / 5

Review added 08/10/2018 09:33 by anon

We’ve ordered once since the new team took over , seen lots of great reviews online , but this didn’t match our experience . It wasn’t bad , just the various different curries tasted the same ... a little like what you’d make with a supermarket paste rather than made from scratch. might order again if I really didn’t want to cook , as I say it wasn’t bad - still on the look out for a really good authentic delivery though

3 / 5

Review added 08/10/2018 08:00 by anon

I would love to hear reviews from anyone who has ordered from Chillis since receiving the “under new management” flyer through the door...
We received a flyer last week but are still reluctant to return after the last few meals we paid for being so bad. Would love to learn that the food has improved vastly and returned to the great standards that it once was. I will keep my fingers crossed.
Very many thanks.

3 / 5

Review added 27/08/2018 07:15 by Gazetta

Came back for the day and had a curry. Someone claimed to be me and took my order so I had to wait for a fresh meal to be cooked. But the staff were very apologetic, the food was lively and they threw in some free popodams.

4 / 5

Review added 20/08/2018 20:32 by anon

Had a takeaway from here - never again. Took 1 hr! Got home to a bland and watery dish, two things left out of the order and one dis we didnt even order.
Wont be returning!

1 / 5

Review added 27/05/2018 16:39 by Marlow Bottom

I used to drive from Marlow Bottom for to come here years (ignored High Wycombe restaurants which are closer) as the food taste and quality was fantastic. Unfortunately since the restaurant has been taken over in the last few months, the standard of the food has deteriorated so much - no taste and always giving too much sauce with less meat, that I have stopped coming here. I did tell the young lady there to tell the current management team that the food was way below standard and people would not return, but just fell on deaf years. I now go to Elachis in HW, which is so much better.

1.5 / 5

Review added 22/01/2018 14:47 by Anon

Totally agree with the previous reviewer on 16th January 2018. I was with my friend who lives in Cookham & we got a takeaway at the beginning of January. My friend has had takeaways from here before & even she said the standards have dropped. I had the Sheek Kebab for starter which was bland & the Chicken Tikka Masala was really sweet & oily which really spoilt it for me. My friend had an average vegetable curry & Sag Paneer which she said was not the same as usual/ The only good thing was her starter which was the Pancake kebab. Fortunately it will be my first & last time - I will not be taking food from there again.

1.5 / 5

Review added 16/01/2018 06:04 by anon

What has happened?! Chillis used to be our favourite Indian takeaway (6 years or more) but the last three takeaways have not been the same. The food now being served is excessively oily, sickly sweet and lacking in flavour. The Chicken Tikka Masala tasted exactly like the Chicken Korma, the only difference being the iridescent red food colourants. Both packed with a gluggy, overly-coconut sauce.
We have kept returning in hope that the changes in the kitchen would only be temporary.... sadly it appears they are not.
Please go back to doing/employing what/whoever you were doing/employing 12 months ago.
Very disappointing.

0.5 / 5

Review added 12/11/2016 06:49 by anon

We have been enjoying takeaway from this business since they opened however, last night's meal left a lot to desire. The Tika Masala was watery and tasteless. The Sag Paneer was equally bland. Here's to hoping it was a one off or off night... Lord knows, we all have them but it is a lot of money for food you cannot enjoy. Will certainly give it another go but was really disappointed last night.

1.5 / 5

Review added 28/08/2016 06:32 by anon

Good take away curry house. We have been patronising this business at least once a fortnight for over six years now, the food is always a reasonable standard and the service is always friendly.

4 / 5

Review added 24/08/2016 13:36 by Ashley

The delivery was very quick, but we are quite close. When it arrived, the containers were damaged and both dishes were leaking. The onion bhajis were massive hard fried dry balls, which we couldn't eat and the food was rather oily. Both my partner and I were left with poorly stomachs! We wouldn't order from chillis again.

1.5 / 5

Review added 25/01/2016 19:09 by anon

I had meal delivered to me on 23rd of January 2016 from Chillis and I was overcharged by £10. I called the shop and I complained but they took no action so I won't be using they service again please make sure you check your bill.

0.5 / 5

Review added 16/01/2016 08:29 by anon

The food is very good. The annoying thing is, we realised that most times we go we get a little bit overcharged. £1.50 here, £2.50 there. Not enough to stop us going, but I really suggest you check your bill.

3 / 5

Review added 03/01/2015 09:27 by anon

Big portion sizes, brilliant value and tasted excellent, will use this more much better value that the high street curry houses that think it's acceptable to put in 4 small pieces of chicken or lamb into a take away.

4 / 5

Review added 04/10/2014 19:07 by anon

Good service, friendly people and lovely food.

4.5 / 5

Review added 02/06/2014 17:46 by Gazzetta

In my old age I want to taste and enjoy my food so I ordered something not too spicy. Very polite and friendly service and took my order whilst asking for a phone order to wait a few seconds. Such a lovely place.

5 / 5

Review added 31/05/2014 20:41 by anon

Absolute disgrace, ordered online through, then thought I would phone as it didn't state delivery time so I could tell them the time I wanted it delivered. Was told abruptly that they didn't take orders from that website and I was mistaken. I proceeded to give them my reference number, still said they didn't take orders from them, and was told I was wrong again. They then said the phone had rung and the website had put the order over, no apology. They then rang me 10 minutes later to say that my order was £6 more than what the website said,I said I didn't want to pay extra and should be charged what was said on website, they said no bluntly, i said I don't want it then, he said rudely, GOOD, go somewhere else. I will never ever use these rude people again and I urge no one else to as well.

0.5 / 5

Review added 19/05/2014 17:17 by Her upstairs

We are not giving Chillis any more chances. Sometimes really good, but too often not good at all - overly sweet, unforgivably bland and far too much coconut used to flavour what should be creamy dishes. Used to enjoy our takeaways from you but the food is too variable and enough is enough. We tried Lemongrass on Shifford Crescent instead and found it consistently better, and of course Cookham Tandoori is always good too.

1 / 5

Review added 14/04/2014 13:46 by anon

Have used Chilis many times & sometimes some orders are better than others. However, the order we made on Saturday was absolutely fine though I think their prawn dishes are overpriced for a takeaway !Will use again.

4 / 5

Review added 23/12/2012 00:12 by anon

We ordered a large takeaway for about 30 people, everyone got what they ordered and the food was excellent no complaints at all, will use again. (superb find)

5 / 5

Review added 22/12/2012 10:49 by anon

A quality meal. Delivered on time and as ordered. Rich sauces and large chunks of meat in all dishes we ordered. Will use them again.

3.5 / 5

Review added 07/10/2012 07:18 by Her upstairs

Creamy sauces, tender meat, steaming soft naans, all delivered hot with a smile - and that was on a busy Saturday night. Our visitor from Henley was impressed and declared we must have a meal from you every time she comes.

5 / 5

Review added 31/08/2012 20:02 by Nick B

i read some of the reviews as i was looking for a menu online. What rubbish!!

I had chicken vindaloo and rice with aloo gobi and it was delicious.

Loads of chicken and very hot sauce full of flavour.

Aloo gobi was also lovely and fresh tasting.

Excellent food and plenty of it.

4.5 / 5

Review added 15/06/2012 13:59 by anon

Word of warning... Chicken dishes should contain more than two and three small pieces of chicken! and check your order before you go to avoid missing rice, breads etc. Not the greatest flavour and over priced in my opinion!

2.5 / 5

Review added 08/03/2012 22:18 by Anna

Good food....,very friendly staff,always eager to help with any dish suggestion.
Never had problems with delivery.
Overall best Indian takeaway in town!!!!!!!!!!!

Exquisite food. Helpful customer service. Overall great.

Great service, brilliant food best in Cookham,never had problems with delivery. Have been eating food from there for more than 5 years never looked back. Never write reviews felt compelled to do so because of brilliance


had a nice meal thankyou

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5 / 5

Review added 13/02/2012 13:38 by anon

I have used Chilli's for a number of years and have always given them the benefit of the doubt when they have got something wrong (which is fairly often), or the food has not been up to standard.

However, the last three orders have been really poor. The food has not been served in the specified sauce, but instead has been swimming in oil. It seems that whatever dish is ordered, it is served in oil. I regret to say that I have placed my last order with Chillis.

0.5 / 5

Review added 28/01/2012 22:20 by anon

I have always given Chilli's the benefit of the doubt in the past, but this last occasion I have had enough and have given up. The food may be reasonable, but the customer service is diabolical. I waited 20 minutes for my meal (no problem) then one of the backroom boys came through and deposited a take-away bag on the counter. Unfortunately, the guy on the front desk was on the phone to someone and showed absolutely no interest in handing over the bag to anyone. 10 minutes went by, and I naturally thought that this can't be my take-away... until, minutes later, the guy gets off the phone, looks at me, and announces that my take-away is ready. I was angry and astonished to find that my meal was cold and that the staff didn't give a sh*t. I told them what I felt, but I suspect it didn't make any impact. These guys have no concept of customer service and couldn't give a monkeys what you think. Honestly. This is not a grudge thing. In fact, this is the first time I've ever done something like this. Why? Because I hate my fellow Cookham dwellers being treated like crap by these arrogant people. Thank you.

0.5 / 5

Review added 30/12/2011 23:06 by Sam

Having used chillis for many years I'm not sure what is going on with their service. Our last 2 orders have been incorrect and when I asked for the correct order to be delivered I was asked to pay for their mistake. We also had a delivery driver turn up 2 nights ago when we had not ordered a curry!

So I'm looking for other recommendations (I know marrow curry & tandoori deliver to Cookham),

2 / 5

Review added 29/12/2011 19:36 by stacy

The best take away ever i have recently moved to lane end and i still use them wish they would open one nearer me! Can't rate it high enough. EXCELLENT!

5 / 5

Review added 16/06/2011 22:26 by anon

rude, arrogant staff that are so unhelpful and abusive. delivery has been late on all occassions. food reasonable however cold. defiantly not AGAIN.

1 / 5

Review added 27/05/2011 23:35 by Pippa

Another good takeaway. Tasty food reasonably priced. Probably the best takeaway in Cookham.

4 / 5

Review added 25/03/2011 14:14 by anon


5 / 5

Review added 23/12/2010 22:55 by chad

having never tried chillis before and recommended by a friend i thought i would give it a go well i must say very nice and i know my food keep up the good work back soon

5 / 5

Review added 21/10/2010 17:39 by Ed.

I have never had a bad meal from them.
Everything on their menu has always been delicious.
Keep it up Chaps!

5 / 5

Review added 20/07/2010 18:24 by anon

Excellent take away food, fast delivery, would highly recommend.

5 / 5

Review added 09/07/2010 22:50 by Anton

I cannot rate Chilli's in Cookham high enough.
My absolute favourite, best food in Cookham without a doubt,fast friendly service,great bunch of guys. AAAAAAAA+++++++++

5 / 5

Review added 20/05/2010 12:06 by anon

Had a take away last night, it was dreadfull, another unsatisfied customer, I would been better off with a sandwich for the night.

0.5 / 5

Review added 16/12/2009 13:05 by Julia

Brilliant - the best home delivery Indian in the area - their tandoori mixed grill is sublime - and healthy! - so I can feel righteous while the rest of the family enjoy their lovely buttery sauced (and delicious!) delights!

5 / 5

Review added 14/09/2009 17:09 by teresa

Everything that comes out of their kitchen is superb. Curries, Veg ( their bakra is simply the best) rice and breads. Second to none. If you love your indian food then don't go anywhere else.

5 / 5

Review added 29/05/2009 10:49 by Natasha L

Chillis is just the best! Everything is delicious and I will never go anywhere else. Delivery times are sometimes a little long, but it's always worth the wait.

5 / 5

Review added 01/05/2009 14:55 by Nick

Can't fault Chillis, the best delivery Indian in Cookham. Whenever we're away on holiday the first meal back is always one from Chillis. I love the Chiken Pathia, hot, sweet and spicey. For lovers of mild curries, I can't recomend the Chicken Mahknee enough.

Never had a bad one.

5 / 5

Review added 18/09/2008 11:39 by anon

Love Indian food. Love Chilis!

5 / 5

Review added 10/09/2008 17:10 by Her upstairs

All the dishes arrived hot, the flavourings were good, the meats all tender, sauces creamy not watery and the breads steaming and fresh. The delivery man was friendly and it arrived quickly. Was a reasonable cost too, so we will be back.

4 / 5