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King's Arms - Cookham Village

Review added 13/03/2018 05:54 by anon

Formulaic pub food only slightly upmarket from a harvester. Do people who rate places like this as 5 stars are effectively ranking it at the same level as e.g. The fat duck, waterside inn etc. Like most review sites there seems to be a severe lack of critical faculties.

1 / 5

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The Arbour-Maidenhead (was Robin Hood)

Review added 13/03/2018 05:44 by anon

A combination of poor menu, e.g. No vegetable side dishes, and poor location for an Indian restaurant in the Maidenhead area meant this place was doomed from the start. How anyone in their right mind could give it 5 stars is beyond me. closed as of Jan 2018. Is going to reopen as a pub diner, renamed as the Robin Hood!!

2 / 5

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Cutsie Cupcakes

Review added 12/03/2018 20:35 by Tara

Amazing flavours, a great variety! The smores is absoutely devine. Lovely staff! Highly recommend!

5 / 5

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