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Pizza Dreams Café-Cookham

Review added 10/11/2022 12:40 by Martin Heath

Looking forward to taking grandson for breakfast Sunday last. Went in and sat down, only 1 person serving who totally ignored us for 20 mins so we got up and left! Either get more staff or don't open Sundays. Never go there again. Owner should be aware of shoddy service!

1 / 5

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The Old Swan Uppers - The Pound, Cookham

Review added 30/09/2022 18:17 by Sophie

Recently had an excellent lunch with a friend and we were pleasantly surprised at the very high quality of the food. Delicious and interesting main courses, and with puddings to die for!
The service was good and there is no intrusive music, the mistake made by other pub restaurants that we now avoid.
I hope they will maintain this standard, which is just perfect for a Cookham hostelry - if so, we will keep coming back.

5 / 5

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Country Stoves - Cookham

Review added 17/09/2022 12:54 by anon

A really unpleasant experience. We asked for a quote for a log burner. The person who ‘helped’ us was just incredibly negative and unhelpful from the outset. I still can’t make out the motivation for his approach. We left feeling pretty upset/embarrassed by our experience. I would leave no stars if that was an option.

1 / 5

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