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The Ferry - Cookham

Review added 15/03/2019 21:19 by anon

Called at the Ferry for lunch. Not impressed by the laidback attitude of the staff. By the time I had found my own seat, discovered where the menus were stored,, gone back to the bar to order my drink, I might as well have gone to the kitchen to cook my own lunch as well. Come on guys where is the service?

1 / 5

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Pearce Autos- Cookham Rise

Review added 11/03/2019 06:41 by Max Thorne

Fantastic service- thank you all

5 / 5

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Ribbons and Pearls - Cookham Village

Review added 03/03/2019 18:45 by julie

awful service, spoke to most incompetent woman Named Amanda, i rang ribbons and pearls as i was waiting outside for my appointment and no one was there, having traveled an hour for my appointment. When i phoned i spoke to Amanda who insisted i had the wrong number she worked for Encore, so i said not Ribbons and pearls amanda said i was wrong. I tried to ring again after googling the number was told the same again. then Amanda refused to answer the phone, i left a message and she rang me back, turns out Encore and ribbon are one of the same, one location staines and one cookham, why she couldn't acknowledge this when i was on the phone, she then said her phone must have been on divert to staines (not my fault when the area code is cookham). then suggested i had to wait 45 minutes for her if i wanted to try dresses on. Her mess up, ruined my day, and left me feeling upset, there was no apology just a rubbish excuse. Do not use.
Avoid, she will ruin this for you. I was very upset. I will not go back...EVER

0.5 / 5

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